Exploring consciousness, spirituality, and the awakening

About the Author

In many ways I’m just an ordinary guy. I have not had psychic experiences at an early age, haven’t seen ghosts, predicted the future, or had visions. But I’ve always had a somewhat open mind, a belief in God, and a willingness to explore things of a spiritual and metaphysical nature.

Most people that I encounter on a day-to-day basis know me either as a parent (to two teenagers), a husband, a technical writer, or a good friend. I typically don’t share the details of my spiritual exploits with anyone, unless they ask. And yet those exploits have been an important part of my life. So this web site is my attempt to share what I’ve learned over the years, as well as share how my current beliefs influence my life today. I’m sure you will find something here that you can use in your own development.

Spiritual History

I grew up in a fairly religious household (Catholic), so I’ve always pretty much taken for granted my belief in God. And I have always felt a connection with God. What has transpired since has been an ongoing refinement of those beliefs.

After high school, while most of my friends were exercising their independence by getting jobs and moving out, I ended up exercising an independence of sorts by turning my back on Catholicism and joining a very highly controlling religious organization. That experience lasted for over a decade, and was extremely educational on many levels. But as the primary reasons for joining in the first place - the belief that I had found ‘the truth’ - slowly faded, I likewise gradually withdrew my involvement with that group in search of clearer light.

The next several phases of the spiritual journey resulted in a 180-degree turn from strongly believing that only one Christian group has the truth and God’s acceptance, to believing that there is no one person or group who teaches the absolute truth that is applicable to everyone - we each have to discover that truth for ourselves. For myself, I’ve gleaned much from my Christian background, as well as teachings from the Astara mystery school, the Paramahansa Yogananda (I’ve been initiated into the Kriya Yoga tradition), and Ammachi. But the learning never really ends, and I look forward to whatever life lessons lay ahead.

Peace to all,
~Chris Campa