What do Synchronicities Teach Us?

We all experience them – those strange coincidences or synchronicities that make us take note and think “wow, now what are the odds of that happening!” Sometimes they mark a significant change in the direction of our lives, but others times there doesn’t seem to be any meaning or point to them at all.

What do you make of those moments?

Recent Examples

A couple of strange synchronicities happened to me in the last few weeks. Chances are you can relate them to similar events in your own life.

“That section sounds familiar”
The first example might not be synchronicity, but perhaps more an example of the Law of Attraction.

It’s become an annual tradition to join my brother and some cousins in seeing an Oakland Raiders football game. In previous years we were able to get a large enough block of tickets to accommodate everyone. But this year only small blocks of seats were available, so we each had to get or own tickets for our family members wherever we could find the seats, preferably in the middle sections. That meant not all sitting together during the game, which was a drag, but the big part of the occasion was the tailgating so it wasn’t too big of a deal. It just would have been nice if my boys could sit with their cousin.

It was a week or so before I got around to getting tickets for myself and my boys. Yes, my brother was right, good spots were hard to find, at least at a price I felt comfortable with, and there were only small groups (1-5) of seats available. I did my best to find decent seats and ordered the tickets online.

The evening before the game we gathered for dinner at my home and in the course of the evening discussed where we were able to get seats. “Looking at the goal post, we’re somewhere to the right”, we all described. Could we really be sitting that close? Of course, we weren’t really sure which goal posts so we could have been talking about opposite ends of the field.

It turns out I had tickets just two sections away from my cousin and his group. Not bad.

But that’s not all. My brother and I got tickets in the very same section!

But that’s not all. Our seats were adjacent! Awesome!

“What are you doing here?”
The next example is actually pretty common, but it still elicited a “wow” reaction at the time. A friend that I met at work and I made plans to see David Sedaris at a local venue. As we took our seats we looked around to see if there was anyone else there whom we knew. The crowd was continuing to fill the 2,665 seat auditorium, but we weren’t seeing anyone we recognized.

That is, until another co-worker that we eat lunch with sat down directly behind us with his wife. Now this place has no center aisle and we had seats pretty close to the center. Out of 32 rows of seats on the orchestral section and 12 rows on the balcony, we sat within one row of each other and in the same section of the rows.

We didn’t know he would be there and had no reason to expect to see him there, and vice versa.

Synchronicity Influenced by Amma?

Synchronicities seem to abound around Amma. This is just one of many amazing chance occurrences that I either witnessed or experienced during my visits.

I’m not a tremendously social person, so it takes a bit for me to strike up conversations with strangers. So there I am quietly waiting in the dinner line. I notice a group of women in front of me (at least I thought they were all together at the time), when one of them just turned around and made some comment – I don’t remember what it was, but it led to some small chit chat. I asked where she was from and then she told me she drove up from the same town where I live.

There are people there from all over the area, and I don’t live in a big city. But of all the people there that night, I started talking to someone who lived in the same town as I did. We compared notes on the area, schools (her daughter attended the same high school as my son – in fact they were in the same class), and spiritual backgrounds and experiences. We spent the rest of the evening talking as we waited for our respective numbers to come up.

Cut ahead a few years later. Aside from seeing her during another visit to Amma’s ashram, I haven’t kept in touch with her at all. But just this past summer my son started a part time job at a local pizza parlor – and her daughter is working there as well!

Does the Universe Like to Mess with You?

My son was expecting a guest this afternoon. I held off vacuuming because I knew it would be hard to hear the doorbell. After a couple of hours I got tired of waiting and decided to take a chance with the vacuuming. No sooner did I start when the guest arrived. Fortunately, in this day and age my son’s friends call on the cell phone to announce their arrival.

These types of things have happened more times than I care to remember. I used to get extremely frustrated , thinking that God or the Universe was deliberately messing with me. Now I just take them in stride, and have to laugh. It is even probably my own doing in that events are following my expectations in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

What do They Mean?

Now often times these events don’t lead to anything earth-shattering or life changing, but the fact that they occur at all is meaningful – but only if we are aware of them as they occur. They teach us that there is more going on behind the scenes. Sometimes they occur more frequently around certain people, as they do around Amma – why would that be the case? Sometimes they occur in reaction to our own expectations, evidence that there is some connection between our thoughts and external events.

So be alert to synchronicities as they unfold in your life. The more alert you are to the possibilities, the more frequently such synchronicities will occur. And as they occur, be open to the evidence that there is an underlying order to the world – the universe is not governed by chaos and completely random events.

Sometimes they do result in a major turning point in our lives. If you feel the nudge to take action – do it! Let the circumstances guide you. We are not at the mercy of random events, but instead are presented with opportunities for being more involved with how our life unfolds.

I’d love to hear about any experiences you have had.

And yes, there have been sequences of events that have had a profound effect on my life – but I’ll save that for another post.

7 thoughts on “What do Synchronicities Teach Us?”

  1. Ohhh nice article!

    I experience so many amazing moments of synchronicities in my life… some seem meaningful and others are so random and unusual.

    I do not know how the universe works but I am fairly certain there is more to it than we understand or even imagine! :-)

    So, how I handle these amazing moments is to just take note. To witness them, wonder about them, appreciate them, and hold the possibility that they may be beneficial in some way.

    Someday I think humans will have it all figured out but it may be a few million years hence! (smile)

    Blessings to you,


  2. Ohhh speaking of coincidences,

    I found this quote in my email today…

    “How do you know which of your intentions is likely to be fulfilled? The answer lies in paying attention to the clues provided by the nonlocal mind. Notice the coincidences in your life. Coincidences are messages. They are clues from God or spirit or nonlocal reality, urging you to break out of your karmic conditioning, your familiar patterns of thinking. They are offering you an opportunity to enter a domain of awareness where you feel loved and cared for by the infinite intelligence that is your source. Spiritual traditions call this the state of grace.”
    ~Deepak Chopra

    This book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire – Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidences is FABULOUS…



  3. Hi jennifer! I agree that even random synchronicities are worth noticing. And thanks for sharing that great quote! I particularly liked how he mentions that spiritual traditions view these coincidences as acts of grace.

    Peace to you.

  4. lovely to hear of your synchronicities. it’s reminded me that i’ve not paid as much attention to synchronicities as i used to and reading the quote jennifer passed on with the mention of a state of grace i can see why i feel so good when i notice them in my life.

    i see your experience with the vacuuming and your son’s friend arriving is such a wonderful example of the law of attraction. i’m really seeing in the world that what we focus on we get!!

    thanks for your sharing

    with joy

  5. There are no accidents or coincidences and I do believe that as we develop our awareness that you will see more of these type of things happen. I also believe that they all do have meaning and purpose! Very good that you are so aware!

  6. What many call coincidences, I call divine synchronicity. It happens to me and the people around me all the time. Last night I was at my end of the year MasterMind group meeting. Each person in the circle was asked to reflect on the past year and note any discoveries or manifestations. The host of the gathering was recounting how her son had moved back in town and just as she said that he walked through the door!

  7. @heather: Thanks, Heather. I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. It’s really helped to view these occurrences as states of grace – especially when they sometimes seem frustrating!

    @Mark: Thanks, what I need to do is try harder to figure out that meaning and purpose behind them.

    @T.Dorsey: Amazing how many little things can go unnoticed if we’re not “awake”. Evidence of the divine is around us all the time. Thanks for your comment.

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