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We Can Talk About Marijuana

Perhaps the biggest injustice in the US War on Drugs is the inclusion of cannabis, or marijuana, in that “war”. Because of the this, there is a stigma attached to marijuana and anyone who is known to use it. Michael Phelps has lost his Kellogg’s endorsement over one picture of himself taking a bong hit. And if you don’t react with shock and disapproval over the idea of smoking pot, then you risk being labeled a druggie, a loser hippie, or even in favor of the use of hard drugs.

What would truly shock many people, however, are the facts about cannabis that most people are unaware of. Continue reading We Can Talk About Marijuana

War on Salvia Targets Grocery Stores

News about the “new drug threat” continues to increase as politicians and the media waste no time pursuing a misguided agenda to demonize salvia divinorum.

Without really understanding much about the plant, both are making ridiculously false statements. And recently, overzealous law enforcement officials in Kansas have targeted an innocent grocery store in the drive to rid the area of this new drug threat.
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