Spirit Orbs Strike Again at My Home

I believe I have a decent digital camera. It’s a Canon PowerShot A540 that I just got this past Christmas and I actually like it a lot. It’s easy to use and takes great pictures.

Except that sometimes small blemishes appear in the picture.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain. This is the digital age, after all, and pictures can be deleted and retaken. I’m not big on taking pictures, but with this digital camera I’ve taken over 250 pictures in the past few months. Only a hand full have shown these spirit orbs - ok, dust orbs.

And the curious thing is that they’ve appeared only in pictures that include my son. Evidence of paranormal phenomenon?

The first time was when we were hiking in a local state park. I thought it had something to do with the location. But the latest occurrence is in pictures I took in our home just before he left for his senior prom. I had been taking pictures of him and his date earlier in the evening. Just before he left for the actual even he spent a few minutes hanging out at our home shooting some pool, so I decided to take some more pictures.

Again, it wasn’t until I downloaded the pictures to my computer that I noticed some more orbs – this time in multiple shots. In two of the pictures, an orb seemed to position itself in the area of his attention, on the pool table. Below is one of those shots:

Another spirit orb on the pool table

Depending on your monitor and browser, you may not be able to see the orb on the table. One thing I found interesting is that on digital displays the image is more pronounced if you view at an angle rather than straight on. Is there any significance in that? Beats me. Below is a closeup where I adjusted the brightness and contrast to get the orb to be visible on a different monitor.

Another spirit orb on the pool table

The most dramatic shot is where these “orbs” are actually on his person. It looks like he’s being engulfed by them. Two are on his pant leg (again, the bottom orb might not be visible on some systems), some small ones are in front of him, and then some faint, larger ones high up the wall. What gives?

Boy surrounded by spirit orbs

I was able to find more websites dealing with these orbs and many of them maintain that they are nothing more than dust in the air, close to the lens, that get caught in the flash. Apparently it’s not that uncommon with digital cameras, and similar effects can be duplicated by throwing dust in the air and then taking pictures with the flash. But then you get a sea of dust orbs.

Whatever the cause, apparently I’ll have to get used to the fact that some of my pictures will be “marred” by the occasional orb. And unless accompanied by truly frightening phenomenon, it won’t be anything to worry about.

15 thoughts on “Spirit Orbs Strike Again at My Home”

  1. Thanks. That’d be great to see some of your orb pics. As for EVP, I’ve been intrigued by it but haven’t done any experimenting. It doesn’t seem difficult to set up, so maybe …

  2. A friend of mine photographed what seems to be the shadow of a person in a photo. Yet, this was a nature shot taken with no people in sight. We see what we’re ready to see. Ask yourself why you choose to see spirit orbs and not something more simplistic, such as reflections of sunbeams.

  3. Hello, I have also taken photos with orbs in them. They seem to appear the most when I take events where people are celebrating. I have also captured orbs in photos taken at sacred sites. In such places “clouds” of orbs seem to appear in the photos. Recently I discovered that if I make a request for an orb to appear in a picture they usually do!

  4. @sahee: I’ve heard of reports where the number of orbs photographed actually increases over time – as if it becomes easier to do. You may find this to be the case yourself. If so, it adds greater weight to the concept that these are real things that are not related to ‘natural’ causes.

  5. I have these same pictures in my house. It seems to be in the same area. I have taken many other pictures at work and family homes, and the pictures are normal. As soon as I get home to test to see if I have the obs at home, they come right up. My son said he saw someone in the house, and I have heard and saw strange things which I blame on the cat or my crazyness. But after seeing everyone elses orbs Im starting to wonder.

  6. Hello again,

    I have photographed lots of orbs in my apartment too. They seem to be concentrated in the hall way and near my wardrobe in the bedroom. A neighbour’s cat spends quite a lot of time at my place and I think he can actually see orbs, becuase sometimes he runs across the hall way as if he is running to avoid soemthing. If I happen to take a photograph in the hall way when he does that, my expereinece is that orbs turn up in the photograph.

  7. What does it mean when numbers appear in your pictures? I had a picture taken of me last halloween and there were 7 7’s all around me. They were even on my forehead. No one can tell me what it is or how they got there.

    Any ideas?

  8. Hi Christine, I’m not familiar with that particular phenomenon. Did the numbers look like that were printed, or were they patterns within the photo that had the shape of numbers?

  9. I noticed these last xmas when my 22yr old son was sitting playing the guitar. just one at the back of his head in the picture. And since then everytime I take a new picture theres more constantly around my son. My son has a serious kidney condition that will put him on the transplant list one day. I get scared wondering if the orbs are a sign. MY cat is also nearly 19years old and sometimes she is sitting staring at nothing & one day i took a picture of nothing to find that she was watching about 5 wee ones going up my stairs. Can somebody tell me what these mean please.

  10. My son is constantly surrounded in these. First time i saw one in a picture with my son was last Xmas. Now theres a few every so often in pictures of my son. but only with pictures of my son & cat. My cat is 18 years old & i was watching her sitting at the bottom of the stairs one night & her head kept moving watching nothing in the air. so I got my mobile phone camera & started clicking & lo & behold there were lots of little small ones & like they were travelling up the stairs oh & she could see them. Now i watch her watching them & get lots of photos of them. so can somebody explain what they are & what they mean expecially when there around my boy. But my cat can definately see them & I can feel them around the house sometimes. Can somebody help me please. They aren’t scarey but I worry so much for my boy.

  11. hi ya

    I have only since september been taking photos of by my stairs and also by a table i have seen loads of orbs and some of them seem so clear! but before these orbs appeared my 9 year old son told me he saw a orb on the 3rd step from the bottom of stairs! then i wondered so i started taking pics. On the table is a photo of my grandad, uncle and my husbands dad who have all passed over! Can someone comment on this please. thanku my son also talks to his grandad in my computer room who he said he sees alot of time.

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