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How You Can Benefit From Yoga and Meditation

Life can be full of fun and excitement! Inevitably, however, life can also be challenging, demanding, and even frightening at times. The conflicting conditions can create stress, which can be unbearable as there is a limit to what our minds and hearts can handle.

Sad to say, no magic pill has been developed to fix the problem. Wise men of old have therefore concluded that we must look within ourselves for the remedy. Among the methods developed are the practice of yoga and meditation. Continue reading How You Can Benefit From Yoga and Meditation

Thoughts on Easter


He is risen in our minds, our hearts, our souls – there is no separation between him and us. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Christianity is not the only spiritual tradition that finds meaning in Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I’m not referring to the pre-Christian celebrations that form the basis of many practices observed today – from the fertility egg and rabbit to the rites of Spring. No, I’m referring to the beliefs of yogis past and present, one being the Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought yogic teachings as well as the practice of Kriya yoga to the west.

And he had a few things to say about Easter and its importance to humanity. Continue reading Thoughts on Easter

The Value of Focused Attention

This age of high-tech has had the unfortunate effect of favoring and fostering the practice of diverted attention. Young people these days MySpace their friends while checking out what’s on YouTube while texting while keeping an eye on the television … and we see and even experience the same flurry in the workplace.

On the surface it might seem as if this results in honing multitasking skills, but recent studies have shown that this is not true multitasking. This type of activity has at least two drawbacks – it actually adds time to the tasks and it also creates additional stress.

Now scientists have learned another lesson on the value of focused attention – this time from Buddhist monks. Continue reading The Value of Focused Attention

Can you See the Star of Bethlehem ?

Star of Bethlehem

“Where is the one born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east …”

Is it possible to see the star of Bethlehem today? To this day, there is no definite explanation for the star of Bethlehem. According to mainstream Christianity, this star was God’s way of identifying the birth of His son. Jehovah’s Witnesses might tell you that it was Satan’s attempt to kill the child Jesus.

Was the star of Bethlehem a comet? A constellation? A conjunction of planets? Continue reading Can you See the Star of Bethlehem ?

Do Binaural Beats Affect Kundalini Energy?

Yogis and mystics spend years meditating and performing rituals and exercises in order to gain spiritual insights and achieve enlightenment. People have seen the effects of these practices, causing scientific researchers to try to explain spiritual phenomena through experiments and measurements. One interesting concept is the understanding of binaural beats and its effect on the human brain. Some even think that binaural beats can train the brain to automatically enter a state that’s identical to that achieved by experienced meditators. Is there anything to it? Continue reading Do Binaural Beats Affect Kundalini Energy?

What’s so Special About Transcendental Meditation?

Maharishi Mahesh YogiThe Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, died on Tuesday, February 5, 2008. His teachings on meditation influenced the Beatles, Deepok Chopra, and millions of others. Universities have been established throughout the world, all built upon a foundation of TM teachings. What is the reason for how widely his teachings spread? Is it that transcendental meditation is truly a unique and effective method for pursuing personal development?
Continue reading What’s so Special About Transcendental Meditation?

What is Raising Your Vibration? (The High Vibes Game)

Do a Google search for ‘raising vibration’ and there is no lack of information available. But in the spirit of the ‘high vibes game’ meme started at OptimistLab (I’ve just been tagged … twice), I’ll give my take on it as well as five things I do to ‘raise my vibration’.

Continue reading What is Raising Your Vibration? (The High Vibes Game)

Are Labyrinths Incompatible with Christianity?

As I was driving home the other day and I spotted this sign.

Labyrinth Announcement

I have to admit I was surprised to see this being featured at a church. I had considered labyrinths to have more in common with eastern religious thought rather than western. Buddhists have their walking meditations, the labyrinth design resembles Buddhist mandalas, a symbol for meditation, and the meditation experience itself is a core practice in Buddhism and Hindu Yoga. So are labyrinths incompatible with Christianity?
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