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Dr. Dean Edell says Acupuncture no Better Than Placebo

Edell-AcupunctureWhile the results of some research in the efficacy of acupuncture has appeared to demonstrate no significant difference between “real” acupuncture and “placebo” acupuncture (where the needle does not penetrate the skin), I applaud many in the medical community who feel that further study is needed to determine the effectiveness of this form of alternative medicine. It’s a good thing they aren’t following in the footsteps of Dr. Dean Edell. He has made up his mind that acupuncture is a sham. According to Dr. Edell, any perceived results are due purely to the placebo effect.

And Dr. Edell persists in his close-minded bias, despite being presented with recent evidence to the contrary. Continue reading Dr. Dean Edell says Acupuncture no Better Than Placebo

When Feeling Bad Can Feel Good

ArgumentIt happened again! That irritating co-worker made a snide remark to you and then walked off. Or maybe your roommate left for the evening without cleaning up the mess he left after eating dinner – even though he promised to be more mindful of it. Or maybe you had an argument with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. And so you stew over the offense and magnify the bad feelings by continually thinking of them over and over.

It doesn’t feel good. Nobody in their right mind ever wants to feel this way. And what makes it worse is that it affects how you deal with the other person, which further aggravates the situation and now you have a vicious circle. But believe it or not, it’s possible to change bad feelings into good feelings – and turn this into a fun spiritual practice! How? Continue reading When Feeling Bad Can Feel Good

The Value of Focused Attention

This age of high-tech has had the unfortunate effect of favoring and fostering the practice of diverted attention. Young people these days MySpace their friends while checking out what’s on YouTube while texting while keeping an eye on the television … and we see and even experience the same flurry in the workplace.

On the surface it might seem as if this results in honing multitasking skills, but recent studies have shown that this is not true multitasking. This type of activity has at least two drawbacks – it actually adds time to the tasks and it also creates additional stress.

Now scientists have learned another lesson on the value of focused attention – this time from Buddhist monks. Continue reading The Value of Focused Attention

Do Binaural Beats Affect Kundalini Energy?

Yogis and mystics spend years meditating and performing rituals and exercises in order to gain spiritual insights and achieve enlightenment. People have seen the effects of these practices, causing scientific researchers to try to explain spiritual phenomena through experiments and measurements. One interesting concept is the understanding of binaural beats and its effect on the human brain. Some even think that binaural beats can train the brain to automatically enter a state that’s identical to that achieved by experienced meditators. Is there anything to it? Continue reading Do Binaural Beats Affect Kundalini Energy?

Night Terrors | Awakening to another reality?

The ScreamIt’s night time, and your young child is in bed, asleep. Suddenly you hear crying, or maybe even a scream. You rush to the room to see your child sitting up in bed crying as if she awoke from a frightening dream. You ask what’s wrong, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of your presence and continues crying despite your efforts to console her.

She is having a night terror.

Continue reading Night Terrors | Awakening to another reality?

Improve Your Well-being with Immunics

Do affirmations really work? By themselves, not always. But I’m going to share a simple exercise that may work for you. Several years ago I added it to my morning meditation routine and I believe that my health has benefited as a result.

Immunics TestingThe exercise incorporates immunics, a process that is based on the same principles that are behind pendulum divining and applied kinesiology (muscle testing). Pendulum divining is a method of amplifying bodily responses from your subconscious (or, if you prefer, God or the Universe). Applied kinesiology likewise is based on your body’s reaction, but involves a weakening or strengthening of muscles in response to positive or negative thoughts, words, or objects that are presented to it. Immunics uses these principles in the process of removing the causes of illnesses.

Continue reading Improve Your Well-being with Immunics

Tai Chi: Ancient Exercise that Boosts Your Immune System

Practitioners of tai chi have, for a long time, claimed that tai chi brings about health benefits. Indeed, in the last few years preliminary medical studies involving immunity to the herpes zoster virus in the elderly seemed to indicate that. Now a recent follow-up study funded by the National Institute of Health has demonstrated that “behavioral intervention” can help protect older adults from the virus, which causes both chickenpox and shingles.

In the clinical trial, that behavioral intervention was the practice of tai chi.

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