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Jersey Shore’s Vinny G Gets Spiritual

While not a fan of the TV reality show Jersey Shore, I have seen parts of episodes … just enough to recognize who the main people are and get a feel for how crazy these people can get.

So I was intrigued when I saw a video of Deepak Chopra and Jersey Sore’s Vinny G having a serious (albeit brief) discussion about who we really are and what Vinny’s life purpose is.

Check it out:

The Mayan Prophecy – Two Intriguing Ideas

2012Talk of the end of the world in 2012 has been going on for a number of years now. And if anyone hadn’t heard of this Mayan prophecy, they most certainly do now with the release of the movie 2012. That movie depicts a common idea regarding what will happen in December of that year. Talk about a disaster movie, and one in which only a small percentage of the human race survives. But I’d like to share a couple of other ideas that I’ve come across regarding the 2012 prophecy that aren’t as devastating, yet could be just as world shattering! Continue reading The Mayan Prophecy – Two Intriguing Ideas

The Breakthrough Experience of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorumFor centuries, the Mazatec Indians in Oaxaca, Mexico, have used the plant salvia divinorum in their shamanic rituals. Based on their history of use as well as other research that has demonstrated no toxic or addictive potential of the plant, I decided to explore for myself this entheogen’s mind-altering effects. The experience is nothing less than amazing, and it has caused me to question my assumptions of reality. In this post I will attempt to explain what the salvia divinorum breakthrough experience has been like for me. It is my hope that anyone reading this will come away with a better understanding and respect for the power of this sacred plant. Continue reading The Breakthrough Experience of Salvia Divinorum

When Feeling Bad Can Feel Good

ArgumentIt happened again! That irritating co-worker made a snide remark to you and then walked off. Or maybe your roommate left for the evening without cleaning up the mess he left after eating dinner – even though he promised to be more mindful of it. Or maybe you had an argument with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. And so you stew over the offense and magnify the bad feelings by continually thinking of them over and over.

It doesn’t feel good. Nobody in their right mind ever wants to feel this way. And what makes it worse is that it affects how you deal with the other person, which further aggravates the situation and now you have a vicious circle. But believe it or not, it’s possible to change bad feelings into good feelings – and turn this into a fun spiritual practice! How? Continue reading When Feeling Bad Can Feel Good

Thoughts on Easter


He is risen in our minds, our hearts, our souls – there is no separation between him and us. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Christianity is not the only spiritual tradition that finds meaning in Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I’m not referring to the pre-Christian celebrations that form the basis of many practices observed today – from the fertility egg and rabbit to the rites of Spring. No, I’m referring to the beliefs of yogis past and present, one being the Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought yogic teachings as well as the practice of Kriya yoga to the west.

And he had a few things to say about Easter and its importance to humanity. Continue reading Thoughts on Easter

The Value of Focused Attention

This age of high-tech has had the unfortunate effect of favoring and fostering the practice of diverted attention. Young people these days MySpace their friends while checking out what’s on YouTube while texting while keeping an eye on the television … and we see and even experience the same flurry in the workplace.

On the surface it might seem as if this results in honing multitasking skills, but recent studies have shown that this is not true multitasking. This type of activity has at least two drawbacks – it actually adds time to the tasks and it also creates additional stress.

Now scientists have learned another lesson on the value of focused attention – this time from Buddhist monks. Continue reading The Value of Focused Attention

Synchronicities Help Us Recognize Our Spiritual Connection

People connection

Encounters with strangers can be very enlightening experiences, full of opportunities for learning about yourself. But often times the overwhelming lesson I come away with is how connected we all are. A couple of occasions – synchronicities and strange encounters – definitely gave me the sense that there is a spiritual connection that is always there, even though hidden from normal awareness. Continue reading Synchronicities Help Us Recognize Our Spiritual Connection

We Can Talk About Marijuana

Perhaps the biggest injustice in the US War on Drugs is the inclusion of cannabis, or marijuana, in that “war”. Because of the this, there is a stigma attached to marijuana and anyone who is known to use it. Michael Phelps has lost his Kellogg’s endorsement over one picture of himself taking a bong hit. And if you don’t react with shock and disapproval over the idea of smoking pot, then you risk being labeled a druggie, a loser hippie, or even in favor of the use of hard drugs.

What would truly shock many people, however, are the facts about cannabis that most people are unaware of. Continue reading We Can Talk About Marijuana