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State of Cannabis Affairs

NORML 38th Annual ConferenceI don’t typically concern myself with being “normal”, but a couple of weekends ago I went out of my way to attend a NORML conference. It was the 38th annual NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Conference held in San Fransisco, and although I was only able to attend the last of the three days of the conference, I still found it quite educational and enlightening.

And I do believe that within four years marijuana will be legalized in California.
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We Can Talk About Marijuana

Perhaps the biggest injustice in the US War on Drugs is the inclusion of cannabis, or marijuana, in that “war”. Because of the this, there is a stigma attached to marijuana and anyone who is known to use it. Michael Phelps has lost his Kellogg’s endorsement over one picture of himself taking a bong hit. And if you don’t react with shock and disapproval over the idea of smoking pot, then you risk being labeled a druggie, a loser hippie, or even in favor of the use of hard drugs.

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