Best Sources for Entheogens and Ethnobotanicals

Looking for a good online place to purchase salvia divinorum? Looking to buy san pedro cactus or fly agaric (amanita muscaria)?

Well here you’ll find online sources of legal entheogens and ethnobotanicals that I have used and been happy with.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals

Bouncing Bear Botanicals carry ayahuasca products, amanita muscaria, kratom, salvia divinorum, other entheogenic extracts, plants, incense, and seeds, as well as books and DVDs.

Save at Bouncing Bear Botanicals 10th Anniversary Sale!
Save at Bouncing Bear Botanicals 10th Anniversary Sale!

The Best Salvia

The Best Salvia is an excellent place to purchase salvia divinorum extracts.

Buy Salvia | Buy Salvia Divinorum

Arena Ethnobotanicals

Arena Ethnobotanicals is a good place to buy San Pedro cactus, fly agaric (amanita muscaria), salvia divinorum, Calea Z, kratom, and other seeds, herbs, plants and concentrated herbal extracts.

Arena Ethnobotanicals

Shamanic Extracts

At Shamanic Extracts you’ll find A quality kratom leaf, iboga rootbark, peruvian torch cactus, san pedro skin, or visionary peyote at fair prices; also salvia divinorum and other ethnobotanical extracts.

Entheogens can be defined as psychoactive substances derived from plant, fungi, or animal sources that are used for the purpose of achieving mystical states of consciousness. These substances have been used for centuries in the religious and spiritual ceremonies of a host of cultures, primarily by the shamans and priests.

Many modern spiritual seekers incorporate the use of entheogens in their own practice and search for the divine within. The unique states of consciousness achieved can offer tremendous insights into the nature of reality and the self. You can benefit greatly from the magical and spiritual energies of these plants as they help you to reconnect with nature and advance you on your spiritual journey.

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