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Jersey Shore’s Vinny G Gets Spiritual

While not a fan of the TV reality show Jersey Shore, I have seen parts of episodes … just enough to recognize who the main people are and get a feel for how crazy these people can get.

So I was intrigued when I saw a video of Deepak Chopra and Jersey Sore’s Vinny G having a serious (albeit brief) discussion about who we really are and what Vinny’s life purpose is.

Check it out:

Do Some Women Enjoy Hearing About Their Mate’s Problems?

NPR posted an interesting article around an study reported in the Journal of Family Psychology. According to the NPR story, “women like it when men share their anger and frustration.” Have you found this to be true in your own relationships?

I found one statement from the article to be particularly telling … “The women tend to want to engage around conflict”.

Now this may be true in a general sense, but if it is, I don’t see it as being a positive thing. To need conflict in order to feel satisfaction is a sign of spiritual unconsciousness. What do you think? Continue reading Do Some Women Enjoy Hearing About Their Mate’s Problems?

How You Can Benefit From Yoga and Meditation

Life can be full of fun and excitement! Inevitably, however, life can also be challenging, demanding, and even frightening at times. The conflicting conditions can create stress, which can be unbearable as there is a limit to what our minds and hearts can handle.

Sad to say, no magic pill has been developed to fix the problem. Wise men of old have therefore concluded that we must look within ourselves for the remedy. Among the methods developed are the practice of yoga and meditation. Continue reading How You Can Benefit From Yoga and Meditation

Is Dougall Fraser an Authentic & Real Psychic?

Are psychics real? Can they really do all the things they claim – like read minds, foretell the future, or talk to dead people? I can’t vouch for every claim made, but several years ago I became acquainted by someone whom I consider to be an authentic psychic – Dougall Fraser, and have since attended a few of his talks and workshops. What I’ve learned during the workshops as well as through observation of his style and honesty has convinced me that, understood correctly, psychic “abilities” are very real. Continue reading Is Dougall Fraser an Authentic & Real Psychic?

The Mayan Prophecy – Two Intriguing Ideas

2012Talk of the end of the world in 2012 has been going on for a number of years now. And if anyone hadn’t heard of this Mayan prophecy, they most certainly do now with the release of the movie 2012. That movie depicts a common idea regarding what will happen in December of that year. Talk about a disaster movie, and one in which only a small percentage of the human race survives. But I’d like to share a couple of other ideas that I’ve come across regarding the 2012 prophecy that aren’t as devastating, yet could be just as world shattering! Continue reading The Mayan Prophecy – Two Intriguing Ideas

The Breakthrough Experience of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorumFor centuries, the Mazatec Indians in Oaxaca, Mexico, have used the plant salvia divinorum in their shamanic rituals. Based on their history of use as well as other research that has demonstrated no toxic or addictive potential of the plant, I decided to explore for myself this entheogen’s mind-altering effects. The experience is nothing less than amazing, and it has caused me to question my assumptions of reality. In this post I will attempt to explain what the salvia divinorum breakthrough experience has been like for me. It is my hope that anyone reading this will come away with a better understanding and respect for the power of this sacred plant. Continue reading The Breakthrough Experience of Salvia Divinorum

Two Big Spiritual Mistakes and Why Many Hate Religion

First_CommunionLast month my family and I attended my nephew’s First Communion. It was the first time I had experienced a full Catholic mass in a long time, and I took note of one interesting change since my early church-going days. When the priest invited family and friends to receive communion, he also welcomed non-Catholics to approach as well. While it wouldn’t be appropriate for a non-Catholic to receive communion, we were told that we could receive a blessing from the priest – and indicate that wish by crossing our arms across our chest. After a few moments of reflection, I decided to participate.

It was after that ceremony that I had an epiphany of sorts regarding religion, belief systems, and my past approach to spirituality. I realized for the first time that it is a mistake to search for absolute truths within spiritual belief systems! Continue reading Two Big Spiritual Mistakes and Why Many Hate Religion

Dr. Dean Edell says Acupuncture no Better Than Placebo

Edell-AcupunctureWhile the results of some research in the efficacy of acupuncture has appeared to demonstrate no significant difference between “real” acupuncture and “placebo” acupuncture (where the needle does not penetrate the skin), I applaud many in the medical community who feel that further study is needed to determine the effectiveness of this form of alternative medicine. It’s a good thing they aren’t following in the footsteps of Dr. Dean Edell. He has made up his mind that acupuncture is a sham. According to Dr. Edell, any perceived results are due purely to the placebo effect.

And Dr. Edell persists in his close-minded bias, despite being presented with recent evidence to the contrary. Continue reading Dr. Dean Edell says Acupuncture no Better Than Placebo